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Hey wuts up putos n levas I'm still here kickin it on the damn computer so fuck all u haterz !1!3!


HOW 2 Roll up a JOINT

1) First, go to the store and buy a pack of rolling papers. JOB are the best (in our opinion), but buy whatever you prefer. Also, we suggest getting 1.5 size papers. They are the largest, therefore easiest to roll with.

2) Chop up your weed, and spread it evenly inside a rolling paper. Some people like to roll a little tobacco in the joint mixed with the weed. It makes it burn slower and smoother. Make sure there are no stems or seeds in the paper. Stems give you a bad ass headache, and seeds explode like popcorn.

3) Roll it up, pushing your thumbs up against your index and middle fingers. Try to roll it straight, it burns better.

4) Lick the end and stick it to the paper.

5) Light that shit up!

6) Still stumped? Just go to your local head shop and spend a few bucks for a fucking rolling machine!

If u got aproblem deal wid it nigga!!! ... ... ... Oh yeah ... tell yomama I says "How it is"all rights reseserved 2005 AL-G ,inc.

Race: mexicanos Colors: Blue Identifyers: Blue clothing or Bandannas, The number 13, or Sur tattooed on tha body. Sureņos have tha same kind of method, they also go by streets and little clisk like "MS," standing for Mara Salvatrucha. Sureņos streets go by, "X3, XIII, XIX, X9, and XI." They also go by Roman Numerals like, "X3 and XIII," both standing for 13th St. "X9 and XIX," both standing 19th St. "XL", standing for 11th St. These are some of places Sureņos like to go kick it at... The Sureņos (Sureņo means "southerner," for Southern California) sometimes use the Aztec language, Nahuatl, in their tattoos. "Kan," for example, means "South," and "Kanpol" means "Southerner." They will also use Aztec numerology to denote the number 13. Sureņos affiliated with the Mexican Mafia (La eMe) use the number 13, X3, and XIII (for M, the 13th letter of the alphabet).